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Digital Marketing Made Easy!

Marketing Made Easy!

Social Media Ad Gallery

Ad Gallery

With our simple & easy to use Social Media Ad Gallery, you can copy, paste & post Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Simply watch the video, select your platform & choose a campaign from the Ad Gallery   to start marketing like a Pro.

Marketing Ad Calendar

The Marketing Ad Calendar is your step-by-step instructional guide that will help you navigate your efforts towards achieving eBusiness success. To get started, download & print a copy as you'll need it to manage & track your marketing responsibilities.

Your website details:

Contact: Bill Hullah


Tel: (416) 444-1058


Bill Hullah

(416) 444-1058

If you require changes, please email support.

Social Media Clickable Ads

Clickable Ads

Social Media Clickable Ads offer you a quick & easy way to encourage friends, family & co-workers to share your website on their Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter networks with just a few clicks.

Watch the video to see how simple & easy this feature is.

eMail Marketing Automation

eMail Marketing

Email marketing automation is a powerful way to drive traffic to your website & all you have to do is upload your contacts and we'll do the rest. With professionally formatted email campaigns, generating demand & driving traffic is easy!

To get started, watch the video, download the template, enter the names & email addresses of the recipients you want to reach & then upload the file.

Product Catalog (Printable)

Product Catalog

You can download, print & distribute product catalogs.

Simply watch the video & follow the instructions.

MARKETING TIP: In the digital world of marketing, there's a concept called the 'Marketing Rule of Seven'. It's a rule that predicts it takes on average seven (7) interactions between a brand & a prospect before a prospect becomes a buyer. This means you can expect to have to promote, market, reach & connect your intended audience up to 7 times before they'll become a buyer . . . and this is the purpose of the automated email campaigns & the social media Ad Gallery.

Optional Services

If you're getting excited & you're thinking about accellerating your marketing efforts beyond what we've shared, then I would highly recommend scheduling a call to speak with one of our marketing advisors & they'll give you a few tips on some of the most effective ways to generate additional traffic on your website.

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